An ancient land

In times long before the tales of gods and men could be written or spoken, beings of titanic power arose from ashes and dust. These beings, the primordial gods of old, shaped the very fabrics of reality and, in their image, created lesser deities to forge and govern the various aspects of worlds yet to be created.

From these lesser but still omnipotent beings burst forth the myriad of colorful creations that molded and filled the world of Aelos. They created energy, the elements, and, eventually, the first sentient beings to walk the earth. After this explosion of life, the creatures birthed by the lesser deities rose up and destroyed their creators.

Millennia upon millennia passed, and the world saw its races grow into their own, diversify, and proliferate throughout the earth.

A world of seething turmoil

The lands of man and the mythical races have now spread across the continents and, more than ever, face growing unrest within their territories. Disease, famine, and war have torn once-great nations asunder, and surviving kingdoms struggle to maintain the fragile relationship between both their own peoples and those beyond their walls.

The dawn of a new era

Much of Aelos has yet to be discovered by the world’s more recent inhabitants. Even the ancient elves of the western forests have yet to venture beyond their beloved territories. In their own lands, people are driven towards exploration, trade, and war in the hopes that they’ll be able to claim their piece of this world and the glory that awaits them in doing so.


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