The Raid of Kaius

Adventure 1

16th of Summertide

The Attack

The Kaius midsummer festival’s first night begins. The party(Roan, Kiet, Quinn, and Taran) meets in the town square and watches the stage performance. Taran is enthralled, Roan is unimpressed, Quinn watches from the rooftops, and Kiet partakes without qualm. Taran meets Verel Dawnbringer, and he shares some of his roasted pork dish.

The first act, a gnome juggler named Fizzik “Big Impakt” Impakt, finishes his magical performance and the crowd cheers. Quinn and Taran hear strange noises coming from the western road. Javelins rain from the sky and impale Fizzik as well as several civilians around him, killing them instantly. The crowd panics and splits apart, Roan and Kiet hide under the stage, Taran grabs Verel and they seek shelter under a stone awning, and Quinn readies her bow. Orcs flood the square and massacre the remaining civilians without prejudice before dispersing down the perpendicular streets. Five orcs remain in the square.

Quinn and Roan weaken two of the clumped orcs with ranged projectiles. Roan and Kiet move towards the center of the stage’s foundation, Kiet slams his head against a beam and falls. Verel engages the five orcs in a frenzy, nearly killing one with his first maul strike. Two healthy orcs flank Verel and severely wound him with greataxes. Taran joins Verel in the fray, lopping off the two flanking orcs’ heads with one fell strike of her greataxe. Kiet finishes a dying orc with a dart to the skull. Quinn’s arrow splinters off of the armor of a surviving orc, alerting them to her position. Verel crushes the spine of another weakened orc with his maul. Roan’s crossbow shot impales the skull of the last surviving orc.

Escape from the Horde

Another orc unit moves in from the northern road and the party flees down the southern street. Verel removes his shirt. Roan breaks down a residential complex door and the party shuttles inside. Kiet searches the upstairs cupboards and finds piles of silverware, Quinn finds a medicine cabinet with one common healing potion, gauze, and antibiotics. She uses it all to treat Verel’s wounds. A splintered off band of orcs floods the building.

Roan instantly kills the first orc with a crossbow bolt to the head. An orc at the back of the mob sprints forward, up the stairs, and buries his axe in Roan’s clavicle, brutally injuring him. Taran Hacks at the orc’s neck, nearly beheading him. Kiet tries to pummel the injured orc with his quarterstaff and fists, but can’t find purchase. Another orc attempts to pass the injured orc and fails. Verel crushes the skull of the injured orc with his maul and the corpse falls on the orc behind it, sending them both tumbling down the stairs.

More orcs file into the house and the party, spurred on by Verel, climb out of a southern-facing window and onto the roof of the house. Verel picks up an injured Roan and leads the party across the rooftops to the west. Orcs have now climbed onto the first rooftop, and the party sees the enormity of the raiding party in the square below. They climb off of the building and begin to run north along the beach, where they see four small longboats aground in the sand.

The Sea Hags

The party destroys three of the boats, piles into the remaining one, and Kiet pushes them off of the sand. The boat stops with a thunk, and a grating sound is heard from either side of the boat. Roan peers over the starboard side and sees a horrific female face staring up at him.

Roan immediately punches the face in the water and it shrieks, recoiling into the strangely murky shallow waters. A blue form rises from the port side, and the first sea hag comes into view. The party steels itself, unaffected by the gaze of the creature, but Verel topples into the starboard side water out of fear. The green sea hag on the starboard side emerges from the water, holding a limp Verel by the neck. She cackles before diving back into the water with Verel and the party sees the forms rapidly disappear into the ocean. Roan and Kiet dash off of the boat and onto the beach. The port side hag makes a claw swipe at Taran, but it barely misses. Quinn makes a sword swipe at the blue hag but she avoids it. The blue hag, upon seeing her ally leave, shrieks triumphantly and dives into the water, swimming in the same direction that the green hag fled.

Theft of the Prototype

As the party runs northward to flee the orcish horde, they see another battalion in the distance, blocking their path and able to see them. Roan batters in a residence door to throw off the orcs’ trail before shattering through a window to get into an adjacent house. Kiet and Quinn follow, with Taran a few seconds behind.

As Roan lands in the house, the first thing he sees is a javelin thrusting at his face, which he deftly rolls away from. He sees two orcs on the first floor and another on the staircase to the second floor, all equipped with several javelins. As Quinn and Kiet jump through the window, the orc atop the staircase hurls a javelin at Roan, piercing him through the shoulder and knocking him unconscious. Taran jumps through the window and grapples with an orc near Roan. Quinn stabs the orc with her sword, and he circles around towards Roan. Seeing an opportunity, he goes for Roan’s pack, taking his prototype firearm and throwing it to the orc on the staircase before readying his guard with two javelins and facing Taran. The orc with the prototype darts up the stairs, across the room upstairs, and out a southern-facing upstairs window. Despite the orc’s preparedness, Taran brings down her greataxe with a thundering blow, breaking the javelins and slashing the orc to pieces. Quinn pierces the remaining orc with her sword and he falls.

The Horn

Quinn finds another healing potion, removes the javelin from Roan’s shoulder and administers the draught. His shoulder re-articulates and the party discusses what to do next. Quinn peers out of a southern window, unseen, and sees the large orcish longboat fleet retreating into the ocean. The party hears a clamoring of human voices and three soundings of a deep, morose horn. They climb onto the window and see a gathering of humans in the square and a town crier blowing the horn.


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