Adventure 4

30th of Summertide

A New Ally

As the dust settles from the battle between the group of assassins and the party, numerous heads pop up from the nearby tents that had been trampled in the assassins’ rampage. Bloodied and disoriented, most of the residents of the camp try to hide as best as they can, peering at the party through gaps in the rubble of their tents. One such resident, however, stands up and boldly introduces herself to the party. Carl, a human, converses with Taran, Quinn, and Kiet and learns of their situation with the assassins.

After introducing themselves, Taran and Quinn head to the large cabin where they found the camp official earlier that night. Taran smashes the locked door in two and walks inside, finding the official sleeping in a cot behind his desk. She shakes him awake, picking him up by the scruff of his neck and demanding that he do something about the situation in the camp, as well as provide medical supplies. He tells her that he’s only a stand-in for the real leader, and tries to shirk the responsibility. Taran drags him outside to show him the camp, but he flees back into his office before long. Kiet, seeing this, goes after him. The official leaves his office and sprints towards the outside of the camp. Kiet tackles him to the ground, but he escapes after a short conversation, dashing out of the outer ring of torches on the edge of the camp. Taran ventures into the swamp to cut down several trees for a makeshift bed, which she builds on top of Banthas’s unconscious body. The party sleeps for the remainder of the night.

Questioning the Assassins

31st of Summertide

In the morning, the party reconvenes at Banthas and Carl and Taran tie him up with the tattered remains of a few trampled tents. Quinn gags and carries the leather-wearing assassin out of camp with Taran in tow. Upon interrogating him, Quinn and Taran find out that they were sent by the mayor to kill Quinn. Taran, in an attempt to squeeze more information out of him, hacks off a few of his toes. He tells them that the mayor sought the destruction of the Feywilds, and was promised as such by the party responsible for the bounty on Quinn. Desperately, the assassin attempts to crawl away and, begging for mercy, is shot dead by Quinn’s arrow. Returning to camp, the party questions the now-conscious Banthas, who doesn’t tell them much new information. Taran cuts off both of his thumbs and the party exits camp, leaving him for dead.

Scuffle on the Border

4th of Highsun

After another long trek north through the swamps of Apotheon, the party is crossing a shallow river fen when they see the tops of a few tall flagpoles in the distance. As they see this, a massive figure far down the river begins to barrel towards the party. To its side, they see a cloaked human following suit. Attempting to hide among the sparse swamp flora, the party somewhat unsuccessfully conceals themselves in bushes and trees. As the figures draw closer, the massive crocodile snaps its jaws before slowing to a stop as the human taps its side with his hand. Now in view, the party sees the gruff and time-worn face of a middle-aged man under the cloak. He tells them to come out or suffer the consequences. The party reluctantly come out of their various hiding spots and approach the man. He tells them that they need to pay the toll, as the river is his jurisdiction.

The party immediately attacks the crocodile, blasting it with a barrage of arrows and spells as Kiet moves in to engage the man. The man is surprised, but keeps his composure as Kiet unleashes a flurry of blows upon him. He dodges most of them, but as the hits begin to land he starts to regard the party more seriously. Carl, meanwhile, constricts the crocodile with a crackling magical force. After pummeling the crocodile for awhile, it collapses, exhausted and dying. The man, seeing this, panics and sprints off in the direction of the distant flagpoles. The crocodile dies, bloodied and battered, and is skinned and butchered by Quinn. She then feeds a few pounds of its meat to Nogard, who accepts it happily.


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