Kiet Juntasa

Halfling Monk


21 years old, 3ft, 40lbs. Warm brown eyes with tan skin and dark brown hair. Light scar across left eye from an incident as a kid. Wears a blue gi. Usually grinning or moderately content looking, except in combat when his face goes completely blank.


Kiet was orphaned as a baby for unknown reasons. He was raised in the temple of Llirra by the monks there after being left on the temple steps. Was kind of a wild child. He has a scar across his left eye from his childhood when the temple he lived at was raided. Has climbed a mountain at some point in his adolescents. His teacher, Mei Tol, (who was a mother-like figure to him) was traveling to visit a sister temple across the country . She was attacked and supposedly sent through and trapped in a portal (Kiet believes into the Feywilds), never to be seen again.
Kiet left his temple in search of a different life, also slightly hoping to someday find his mentor. He spent most of his life in the temple so his knowledge of the outside world is mostly based on books and word of mouth (he’s been outside the temple a few times for training reasons like climbing a mountain but otherwise he’s mostly been in the temple). Driven partial by wanderlust, he’s spent the last few months traveling from town to town across the countryside to see different places and people.

Kiet Juntasa

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