Quinn Valora

Human Rogue


125 lbs
28 yr
Light fair skin
Black hair
Purple eyes


Valora Quinn grew up in the kingdom of Ravenmere, a kingdom revered for its’ military prowess, both in its’ army and it’s Scouts. While army was the sword and shield of Ravenmere, the Scouts were eyes and the dagger behind its’ back. They were in charge of the covert operations(scouting, subterfuge, assassinations). Ravenmere started off as a single state, but soon banded together surrounding states for protection to form the kingdom it is today. Originally, the military was used to protect themselves from other kingdoms. In the kingdom, most citizens joined military service as soldiers, artisans, or mages. Scouts were specially chosen at a young age, usually through seers, and trained in subterfuge. As a scout, Quinn dedicated to her kingdom

Quinn was adamant on uphold this ideal. She was fiercely loyal to her kingdom and her company of scouts. With her dedication and skill, she worked her way up to be the old Scout Commander’s second in command. As their second, Quinn learned how to lead the Scouts and tactical skills. When they stepped down and moved to a spot on the Council, she took the spot of Scout Commander. As commander, she was still loyal to her scouts and still maintained a strong relationship with all of them, despite her high position.

A couple of years later, on a kingdom called Vertlyn, a smaller kingdom well known for its’ mining discovered a special ore that when refined, can enhance someone’s combat abilities. This struck Ravenmere’s interest a lot. At first, the kingdom tried to negotiate with the smaller kingdom to join the coalition, but with no success. Most kingdoms would join and those who didn’t were left alone(until they came back for protection due to the harsh lands outside of these kingdoms). So, they declared war on the smaller kingdom. This act was not what Quinn believed her kingdom stood for. She protested heavily against this decision and was very vocal about it to the Council and in war meetings. Only a small majority, the old Scout Commander being one of them, agreed with her, but she was younger and of a lower status than them so her voice carried little meaning. However, many of the citizens were against the decision and rallied together to protest the war. While there were many other leaders who voiced their opinions against the war, many rallied under Quinn was the first one to voice dissent of the war. This caused discomfort within the council, one in particular was Galen Albrecht, a sorcerer who secretly made the decision to go to war with Vertlyn for the sole purpose of empowering himself and making the army an unstoppable force under his will. Knowing the influence the Scout Commander can make, he and his conspirators devised a plan to frame her so she will be charged with treason and betraying Ravenmere for Vertlyn. The plan was successful, but the former Scout Commander was able to pull some strings themselves to banish her instead of execution. They performed the writ of sealing, removing all of the knowledge she learned over the years of being a scout and sending her to an entirely different land.

Given the chance for redemption, Valora Quinn relinquished her family name of “Valora” and roamed the land she arrived to as only “Quinn”. As she roamed, she took to more questionable, shadier lines of work such as thievery, extortions, the occasional lookout for people, and even the rare assassination. Despite this line of work, she kept her honor as a Scout Commander by keeping away from contracts that asked to harm or steal from morally good people. With everyday that passes, every city or town she she goes by, Quinn is reminded of her home. But with that, she strives to regain her strength to return to Ravenmere to set things rights and end the war and the people behind it.

Quinn Valora

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