Roan Skyhammer

Dwarf Fighter(Gunslinger)




Roan Skyhammer didn’t have what you would call a “normal” upbringing. Born to Oskar and Kathra Skyhammer, Roan was raised in the small mining village of Arcadia. His mother, a member of the guard and once a member of the Solaris military, taught him discipline, respect, and how to fight with a vast array of weapons. His father, a blacksmith, is an eccentric and intelligent man. He taught Roan the sciences, mathematics, and how to see the vast possibilities for invention and ingenuity in the world around him. Roan was fascinated by this concept, and spent his time at his father’s side, helping him in his smithing shop during the day, and inventing in his workshop at night.

One such night, Roan and his father discovered a strange combination of chemicals that produce a black soot that, when ignited, detonates with extreme force. Shortly after discovering this, Oskar stopped asking for Roan’s help as often, and would spend days in his workshop, where Roan and his mother would hear explosions, smell smoke, and see flashes of light far into the night. Eventually, Roan grew tired of his meager existence, manning the blacksmith shop, barred from his father’s workshop. He decided to leave the town of Arcadia, and use the skills and knowledge he accumulated to forge his own path.

Before leaving, Roan’s father gave him a strange set of tools, some strange ore, and a sack of black powder, as well as a blueprint of sorts, instructions to build a device that, when constructed, could potentially detonate the powder in a concentrated cone. A new type of weaponry. Roan vowed to keep his father’s secret safe, and promised to build the device as a failsafe. Now, Roan roams the land, taking small mercenary jobs for pay, using the gold to buy more ore and slowly construct the device, as well as coming up with ideas for devices of his own. Roan recognizes that it’s a device of great power, and many people might be after it once completed, so he must make sure the only people that see it are either trusted allies, or on the other side of the barrel.

Roan Skyhammer

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