Verel Dawnbringer

Captain of the Kaius city guard (deceased)



Verel was an extremely handsome, tall man with short brown hair and gold-colored eyes with flecks of amber. He had a bit of stubble and constantly wore a cheerful grin.


Though he was captain of the Kaius city guard, Verel wore his commoner robes for the midsummer festival.


After meeting the party during the Kaius midsummer festival, Verel helped them overcome an initial wave of orcs, defeating them convincingly. He accompanied them through houses and across rooftops as they fled the hundreds of orcs invading the city. When the party tried to flee into the ocean on the orcs’ longboats, Verel was captured by the Melwick sisters and brought to their underwater lair. After the party ventured forth the next day to save him, they found only his lifeless body, beaten and broken.

Verel Dawnbringer

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