The Raid of Kaius
Adventure 1

16th of Summertide

The Attack

The Kaius midsummer festival’s first night begins. The party(Roan, Kiet, Quinn, and Taran) meets in the town square and watches the stage performance. Taran is enthralled, Roan is unimpressed, Quinn watches from the rooftops, and Kiet partakes without qualm. Taran meets Verel Dawnbringer, and he shares some of his roasted pork dish.

The first act, a gnome juggler named Fizzik “Big Impakt” Impakt, finishes his magical performance and the crowd cheers. Quinn and Taran hear strange noises coming from the western road. Javelins rain from the sky and impale Fizzik as well as several civilians around him, killing them instantly. The crowd panics and splits apart, Roan and Kiet hide under the stage, Taran grabs Verel and they seek shelter under a stone awning, and Quinn readies her bow. Orcs flood the square and massacre the remaining civilians without prejudice before dispersing down the perpendicular streets. Five orcs remain in the square.

Quinn and Roan weaken two of the clumped orcs with ranged projectiles. Roan and Kiet move towards the center of the stage’s foundation, Kiet slams his head against a beam and falls. Verel engages the five orcs in a frenzy, nearly killing one with his first maul strike. Two healthy orcs flank Verel and severely wound him with greataxes. Taran joins Verel in the fray, lopping off the two flanking orcs’ heads with one fell strike of her greataxe. Kiet finishes a dying orc with a dart to the skull. Quinn’s arrow splinters off of the armor of a surviving orc, alerting them to her position. Verel crushes the spine of another weakened orc with his maul. Roan’s crossbow shot impales the skull of the last surviving orc.

Escape from the Horde

Another orc unit moves in from the northern road and the party flees down the southern street. Verel removes his shirt. Roan breaks down a residential complex door and the party shuttles inside. Kiet searches the upstairs cupboards and finds piles of silverware, Quinn finds a medicine cabinet with one common healing potion, gauze, and antibiotics. She uses it all to treat Verel’s wounds. A splintered off band of orcs floods the building.

Roan instantly kills the first orc with a crossbow bolt to the head. An orc at the back of the mob sprints forward, up the stairs, and buries his axe in Roan’s clavicle, brutally injuring him. Taran Hacks at the orc’s neck, nearly beheading him. Kiet tries to pummel the injured orc with his quarterstaff and fists, but can’t find purchase. Another orc attempts to pass the injured orc and fails. Verel crushes the skull of the injured orc with his maul and the corpse falls on the orc behind it, sending them both tumbling down the stairs.

More orcs file into the house and the party, spurred on by Verel, climb out of a southern-facing window and onto the roof of the house. Verel picks up an injured Roan and leads the party across the rooftops to the west. Orcs have now climbed onto the first rooftop, and the party sees the enormity of the raiding party in the square below. They climb off of the building and begin to run north along the beach, where they see four small longboats aground in the sand.

The Sea Hags

The party destroys three of the boats, piles into the remaining one, and Kiet pushes them off of the sand. The boat stops with a thunk, and a grating sound is heard from either side of the boat. Roan peers over the starboard side and sees a horrific female face staring up at him.

Roan immediately punches the face in the water and it shrieks, recoiling into the strangely murky shallow waters. A blue form rises from the port side, and the first sea hag comes into view. The party steels itself, unaffected by the gaze of the creature, but Verel topples into the starboard side water out of fear. The green sea hag on the starboard side emerges from the water, holding a limp Verel by the neck. She cackles before diving back into the water with Verel and the party sees the forms rapidly disappear into the ocean. Roan and Kiet dash off of the boat and onto the beach. The port side hag makes a claw swipe at Taran, but it barely misses. Quinn makes a sword swipe at the blue hag but she avoids it. The blue hag, upon seeing her ally leave, shrieks triumphantly and dives into the water, swimming in the same direction that the green hag fled.

Theft of the Prototype

As the party runs northward to flee the orcish horde, they see another battalion in the distance, blocking their path and able to see them. Roan batters in a residence door to throw off the orcs’ trail before shattering through a window to get into an adjacent house. Kiet and Quinn follow, with Taran a few seconds behind.

As Roan lands in the house, the first thing he sees is a javelin thrusting at his face, which he deftly rolls away from. He sees two orcs on the first floor and another on the staircase to the second floor, all equipped with several javelins. As Quinn and Kiet jump through the window, the orc atop the staircase hurls a javelin at Roan, piercing him through the shoulder and knocking him unconscious. Taran jumps through the window and grapples with an orc near Roan. Quinn stabs the orc with her sword, and he circles around towards Roan. Seeing an opportunity, he goes for Roan’s pack, taking his prototype firearm and throwing it to the orc on the staircase before readying his guard with two javelins and facing Taran. The orc with the prototype darts up the stairs, across the room upstairs, and out a southern-facing upstairs window. Despite the orc’s preparedness, Taran brings down her greataxe with a thundering blow, breaking the javelins and slashing the orc to pieces. Quinn pierces the remaining orc with her sword and he falls.

The Horn

Quinn finds another healing potion, removes the javelin from Roan’s shoulder and administers the draught. His shoulder re-articulates and the party discusses what to do next. Quinn peers out of a southern window, unseen, and sees the large orcish longboat fleet retreating into the ocean. The party hears a clamoring of human voices and three soundings of a deep, morose horn. They climb onto the window and see a gathering of humans in the square and a town crier blowing the horn.

Lair of the Cursed Sisters
Adventure 2

16th of Summertide

New Tidings

Having just witnessed the orc fleet sailing away from Kaius, the party climbs down from their building vantage point and joins the crowd in the town square. Roan leads, pushing his way through the masses towards the town crier before an outstretched arm stops him. The man acts aggressive and haughty, but Roan’s earnest words disarm him and he introduces himself as Tristan, Lieutenant Captain of the Kaius guard. The party tells him that Verel has been captured by the sea creatures that they encountered previously. Tristan is shocked, but tells the party that they should speak with the mayor for more information about the two creatures should they want any hope of saving Verel. He leaves with several armed guards up the northern path out of the square.

A platoon of guards marches in from the southern path. Between the two lines of guards walks a very small, hunched over old man. Having seen Tristan talking with the party, they approach. The old man introduces himself as the mayor of Kaius, and asks what the party had to discuss with Tristan. After hearing the news, he has them follow him to his offices east of the town square.

There, he tells the party his family name, Melwick, and of his two daughters who disappeared decades ago after a series of unexplained macabre occurrences. Only after seeing them several years ago did he realize what had become of them. He asks the party to investigate an underwater cave off of Kaius’ shore that has been discovered by the guard. Roan asks for payment, and the mayor reluctantly offers a sack of coins after rummaging through cabinets for a bit. The mayor offers them a free stay at the local inn, and a guard gives them gold to pay for the room.

The party arrives at a nearby inn, and Roan and Kiet order the strongest the innkeep has. He fills Roan’s first tankard with a black, frothy liquid. He chugs it and it tastes incredibly strong. The innkeep gives him a second and Kiet a first. Roan chugs the second without issue, and Kiet drinks his first only to be completely wrecked soon after. The party retires to their single-bed room for the night, in various states of exhaustion and awkward sleeping positions.

Search for the Cave

17th of Summertide

Early the next morning, the party is awakened by a loud knock at the door. It’s Tristan, looking slightly impatient with them. They strap on their gear and head out back towards the town square, following Tristan. He leads them to a longboat on the beach with two sets of oars and gives the party a sack with five healing potions before wishing them good luck and telling them the approximate location of the cave. They set out in the boat, rowing for about five minutes before reaching a clearly visible sheer cliff in the water below. Roan, Quinn and Kiet dive down, swimming past the jagged cliff face for about fifty feet before seeing a huge figure in the water barreling towards them.

Roan, Quinn, and Kiet make a break for the cave entrance, which is now nearby. Roan fires two crossbow shots at the figure, which recoils but engages the party regardless. The party now sees that it’s a grotesque half human half fish monstrosity with long claws. Quinn stabs it with her shortsword and it slashes back with its claws. Taran, hearing the muffled sounds of battle, dives underwater. Kiet pummels the creature with his fists and Roan, moving past it towards the cave, pierces it with another crossbow bolt. Quinn finishes it with a slash of her sword and it floats limply in the water.

The Lair

Taran now joins the party as they make their way into the narrow mouth of the cave. They see the water’s edge and climb out into the cave’s entrance, completely soaked. Roan attempts to light a torch, but it’s too waterlogged. The party makes their way forward through the only corridor, walking single-file until they reach a huge chamber. Roan and Taran see the edge of two concentric runic circles engraved in the floor. They decide to follow a narrow path to the left which leads them to a massive chasm in the floor. Only a tiny ledge to the right and left provides passage. They make their way back to the large chamber and Kiet touches the circle. He is immediately wracked with paralyzing pain and a green mist jets from the cavern floor.

With Kiet’s convulsing body in tow, the party rushes back to the chasm and Roan dries off a torch just enough to light it. They attempt to navigate the tiny ledge towards the only exit that they can see. Taran slips on the sandy surface and plummets before crashing onto a ledge below. Quinn also falls, but Roan manages to catch her and help her back up. He then extends a rope to Taran, barely able to pull her back up. They gingerly cross the rest of the chasm and shuttle through the corridor to their right.

Field of Gore

As the party jogs through the corridor, the walls gradiate outwards until they’re in another chamber, this time with pathways to the left and right. The left pathway is has a roughly hewn stone exterior. Littering the floor of this room are dozens of mutilated and torn apart corpses, human or otherwise. Blood is caked over the ground, dry and wet. The party hears a writhing, cracking sound from above and they see a multitude of porous cave openings extending beyond their vision. A disembodied arm falls from the ceiling, landing on Roan. He plants his torch in a nearby corpse’s ribcage. The party readies their weapons, Kiet still incapacitated by pain.

Two enormous centipede-like insects with squirming tentacles scurry out of two different cave openings, making their way towards the party along the walls. Roan and Quinn pepper one with projectiles and it approaches them, lashing out with it’s teeth and tentacles. Taran hacks at the other centipede with her greataxe and Kiet, now conscious, lays into the first insect with his staff and fists. The second centipede engages Taran, paralyzing her with the venom from its tentacles and tearing into her with its bite. Roan draws his sword and slashes at the centipede in front of him. Quinn fires volleys of arrows at the monster in front of Taran. Roan’s centipede paralyzes him with its tentacles and gnaws at his ankle. Kiet unleashes three attacks at the centipede near Taran, cracking its hard shell more and more with each successive blow. Quinn finishes off the centipede near Roan with a precise stab to the skull before beheading and bisecting the second.

The Sisters

The party regains their vigor with a short rest and a few potions before passing through the roughly cut stone passageway. Upon entering this cut stone chamber, the party sees the two hags in the center, stirring a cauldron with a mangled arm sticking out. Chained and impaled against the far wall is Verel Dawnbringer, bloodied, broken, and missing an arm at the shoulder. The green-tinged sister immediately rushes at the party, baring her claws.

The party feels the familiar horrifying aura, but shrug it off and steel themselves. Roan lets loose a crossbow shot at the approaching sister, piercing her shoulder. Kiet dashes to the green sister and throws a flurry of staff and fist attacks, crunching into the sister’s abdomen. Taran, with two whirls of her axe, cuts a deep cross in the sister’s chest, severely injuring her. The blue sister at the pot turns her attention to the party and runs over to engage them. Quinn cuts into the green sister and she collapses. The party, now covered in the first sister’s brackish blood, engages the remaining hag. Immediately laying into her with arrows and bolts, the party surges forward. Taran plunges her greataxe into the sister as she retaliates with a swipe of her claws to Taran’s face. As Quinn stabs near the sister’s heart, tiny black tentacles writhe in the wound. Kiet propels himself through the air with his staff, bludgeoning the hag with it before whirling around to kick her head, crushing her skull. He then plunges his hand into her clavicle, removing a mess of black organs and bones as she falls to the ground, dead.

Spoils and the Orb

After defeating the sisters, Roan beheads them and the party moves to the back of the room. They check Verel and find that he’s already dead. Taran wraps him in a bedroll. Roan approaches the niche on the far wall, seeing a stone statue of an elven woman wearing a robe that he recognizes as Alva, Goddess of Mercy. As he gingerly puts a cloth on its head and touches it, a drop of the sisters’ blood falls from his arm and hits the statue. The figures recesses begin to glow a bright white and a rumbling sound is heard before the statue rotates ninety degrees to the right, exposing a cleanly cut stone corridor. A gentle breeze emits from the corridor, and the party passes through it, seeing light scratch marks on the walls around them. After a short walk, they reach a small square stone chamber lit by four torches in braziers on the walls.

Scattered around the floor are a multitude of rosy gems and gold pieces, as well as a Cloak of Protection, Cloak of Elvenkind, Wind Fan, and a rust-colored Bag of Tricks. In the center stands a stone mound connected to the floor, and in the right corner lies small grey and blue dragon with silver-flecked scales chained to the wall by its neck and tail. The party gathers the scattered items and Roan pulls out a ball from the Bag of Things. A massive brown bear materializes in front of him before promptly lying down in the corner for a nap. Roan approaches the dragon in the corner and attempts to befriend it. It isn’t aggressive to him but isn’t able to communicate back as he questions it. Seeing its attempts to free itself, the party all grab hold of the chains and, together, rip out the weakened wall that held the clasps. Turning their attention to the stone mound, the party finds that its protected by a magical shield. The dragon, seeing this, rears its front arms and takes a deep breath, its chest filling with a blue glow. A torrent of icy blue flame erupts from the dragon’s mouth and the party sees the barrier around the mound melt into nothingness. They then approach it once more and Taran and Roan are able to bash their way into the mound, the stone shell collapsing under their combined force.

As the mound crumbles, an intricately carved stone basin is revealed, containing a sheet of water-like clear class which, in turn, contains a palm-sized frosted glass orb. A small blue aura flickers inside the orb as the mound crumbles. Roan breaks the glass surrounding the orb and it flies in every direction before dissolving into dust in the air. He grasps the orb and is beset by pain: first hot, then cold, then hot again. A blue glow visibly flows from the orb into his veins as he collapses, unconscious. He is resuscitated by Quinn, but as he wakes he finds that both his senses of sight and sound are gone. The orb, now on the ground, is whacked by Taran and as it moves through the room Roan feels his senses rush back to him.

Deciding to head out, the party follows the dragon out through the corridor. Thrashing around in its newfound freedom, the dragon shatters through the chains holding its neck and tail as the party exits to their left in the room with the cauldron. After a long jog down geometrically carved stone hallways, the party finds a staircase that leads up into a gazebo-shaped stone structure. They see the clear blue waters of the Meridian Ocean.

Blades in the Dark
Adventure 3

17th of Summertide

The Wyrmling's Rescue

After killing the Cursed Sisters and escaping their lair, Roan, Kiet, Taran, and Quinn emerge from a tunnel system onto a rocky cliff face above the ocean. Led by the wyrmling that they found in the lair, the party all immediately experience a searing pain that leaves Roan and the wyrmling unconscious. The party then resuscitates Roan, unsuccessfully heals the wyrmling, and gathers their surroundings, before jumping into the waters below and swimming to the nearby beach. Hearing the wyrmling's cries in the distance, Kiet and Quinn decide to scale the cliff face in an attempt to bring it back with them. They discover a glowing purple line on its stomach that shimmers when touched. With great effort, they carry the wyrmling across the cliff ledge and slide it down to Taran and Roan, who are able to catch it as it falls. They then attempt to get the wyrmling walking to no avail. Roan feeds it a crab, which it eats in two bites. Taran and Roan then head off into the inland swamps to catch food for the wyrmling as Quinn and Kiet stay to watch over it. Taran and Roan return with a bundle of dead pythons that they feed to the wyrmling. Quinn climbs up a tree to scout the location of Kaius, which appears as a blob of grey in the distance. Before heading back to Kaius, the party rests for the night, setting up camp on the beach.

Return to Kaius

18th of Summertide

In the morning, the party sets out inland towards the canal city of Kaius, where the mayor awaits their arrival. They make their way through the swamp, encountering surprisingly little wildlife as they carry the immobile wyrmling. They reach the city gates, crossing one of the three large bridges connecting two the opposite moat walls. As they walk through the town towards the mayor's offices, the townspeople react with a great amount of confusion and fear. Upon reaching the mayor's office building, they see that the guard presence has increased. The guards react to the wyrmling with the same confusion as the townspeople. The mayor, hearing the commotion, comes outside and ushers the party into his offices. Kiet stays out with the wyrmling. The rest of the party converses with the mayor, having left the heads of the Cursed Sisters with the guard outside. The mayor thanks them but asks that they leave within a week to not arouse any more suspicion from the populace. The party seemingly agrees and they part ways with the mayor.

Quinn's Infiltration

Roan, Kiet, and Taran take the wyrmling to a back alley behind the inn in which they previously stayed. Quinn remains near the offices, darting into an adjacent alley and camouflaging herself with her cloak of elvenkind. She climbs the wooden beams jutting from the office building and stealthily opens the second-story window latch of the mayor's office. Seeing him at his desk, she drops down to the first floor and does the same. She then quietly climbs the staircase to the mayor's office and conceals herself beneath it, hanging by her fingers and feet. Quinn waits until the mayor finishes his work and walks out of the building before swinging back onto the stairs and entering his office.

Meanwhile, Roan, Taran, and Kiet drop off the wyrmling in the inn's back alley. Roan finds a plank of wood amongst the debris behind the inn. Taran cuts it to length and Roan wedges it under the handle of the inn's back door to keep it shut. Roan, Taran, and Kiet then squeeze the wyrmling into Roan's bedroll.

Within the mayor's office, Quinn finds a scattering of paperwork and a small, separate cabinet of drawers on the back desk. She also finds an open journal on top of the desk, which reveals some personal information and sentiments of the mayor. Flipping through the journal, Quinn finds a passage that implies both a connection between the mayor and the orcish invasion and a possible second upcoming invasion. Quinn closes the journal and walks to the small separate cabinet on the back desk. She opens the top drawer and sees a latch on the bottom, which she opens. The latch opens a hidden compartment within the cabinet and Quinn finds a stash of brown-colored foreign paper bills. She takes one, covers her tracks, descends the staircase, and exits through the same ground-floor window before meeting back up with the party in the alley behind the inn.

Nogard the Dragon

In the alley, the party makes plans for their next week in Kaius. Quinn shows Roan and Taran the paper bill, and Taran recognizes the writing as Orcish. Deciding to keep quiet for now, the party splits up for the next eight days to regroup and gather information. 

Roan spends the week in the smithies and forges, recreating his firearm prototype and finalizing the design. Quinn, albeit unsuccessfully, tries to gather information about the orc threat and the presence of dragons from her contacts in the Blackwater. They both manage to haggle for a decent price for the gems that they took from the Sisters' lair. Kiet and Taran, on the back of Kiet's charm and way with words, hustle a sum of gold from civilians by challenging them to brawls with Taran (all of which she wins).

During this time, Taran decides on a name for the wyrmling: Nogard.

Confronting the Mayor

26th of Summertide

On the eighth morning after the mayor's ultimatum, the party wakes to a small group of armed guardsmen at the doors to their inn rooms. Roan is completely naked, which perturbs some of the guardsmen. After getting dressed, the party follows the guard to the mayor's office, where he informs them that it's been a week since he gave them their notice. Quinn immediately shows him the paper bill and demands answers. The mayor is shocked, and through gritted teeth informs the party that what they're doing could put the whole town at risk. He also implies that the situation is out of his control and lashes out at Taran, assuming that she's affiliated with the orcs. After some convincing, the mayor decides to let the party stay in town for a single night more if they unquestionably promise to leave the next day. Begrudgingly, the party agrees. Roan spends the final day finishing his first firearm at the blacksmith.


27th of Summertide

The next day, no one arrives to usher the party out of the city. They wake, equip themselves, and visit the now vital-looking Nogard in the alley behind the inn. After a few minutes, the party is able to help Nogard onto his feet and he takes his first steps since his rescue. As the party slowly make their way towards the northern bridges out of town, they attract a large number of stares from onlookers, both curious and frightened of Nogard. Despite this, they pass out of Kaius without incident.

For the next three days, they travel north through the swamps of Apotheon, living off of tropical vegetation and fauna. Nogard seems to grow healthier by the day, snapping up large snakes as his main form of sustenance.

Camp Myre

29th of Summertide

On the night of the third straight day of sloshing through thick swamp mud, the party wades through a wide, shallow river fen and sees a sprinkling of torchlight in the distance. After a few minutes of walking, they come across an encampment of wood-reinforced tents with a ring of torch poles surrounding it. Making their way inside, they are stopped by two guardsmen with spears who direct them to a large wooden cabin structure further in. Upon entering the cabin, they're greeted by a hideously dressed man who treats them with dismissiveness. He arranges for them to have a small tent nearby for lodging, but when Roan spreads five gold on the table, his eyes light up and he offers them both the small tent and a much larger one in an adjacent row. The party accepts, and splits up to rest for the night. 

The Skirmish

30th of Summertide

In the middle of the night, Roan, the only member of the party still awake, is modifying blueprints for his projects when he hears a whistling sound in the distance. Less than a second later, an arrow tears through the tent and lands a foot away from Roan. He immediately gathers his equipment and rushes to wake the rest of the party. Roan, Kiet, Taran, and Quinn gather at the small tent and prepare for battle, hearing nothing but the sound of their own breathing. Suddenly, Roan and Taran see four figures approach from the south side of camp, past the wall of now extinguished torches. Two relatively large figures with erratic movements sprint into the camp and over rows of tents as they approach the party. Roan looses two bolts from his crossbows as they run, catching the two orcs in the chest and severely damaging them both. As they get closer, Quinn finishes one off with an arrow to the head and Taran lops off the other's with her axe.

Another figure appears in the darkness, and the three figures now rush towards the party. The figure in the middle careens through the camp, its enormous frame bashing and trampling through the already broken lines of tents. Building speed, the minotaur comes into view and lunges at Taran with its horns, but she readies herself and manages stop the full force of its charge by digging her feet in and grabbing its horns. Looking at the creature, she recognizes it as Banthas, someone who had dealings with her former tribe leader and treated her with respect. Kiet turns his attention to the minotaur and bashes into it with his quarterstaff and fists. Nogard unleashes a torrent of blue energy from his mouth at Banthas, making him roar in pain as some of his jet-black fur hardens into ice.

As the minotaur confronts Taran, one of the figures further back draws a shortbow and lets loose a volley of arrows, one after the other. One catches Kiet squarely in the shoulder and the sheer shock makes him lose consciousness. Quinn fires back at the leather-clad humanoid figure after lighting a torch, and she sees it recoil as her arrow finds it.

Meanwhile, the last figure moves into view as it runs toward to party, and they see Tristan of the Kaius city guard, still in his uniform. He engages Roan, who fires two shots from his newly crafted scattergun into Tristan's ribcage. Tristan's left and right obliques are completely eviscerated as Roan's shots explode outwards. They exchange blows with their longswords until Tristan staggers past Roan and reaches for a blue-colored vial at his belt. He drinks from it, throws it to the ground, and his eyes begin to glow with a bloodshot blue hue as his muscles writhe and grow. He attacks Roan with a renewed vigor, cutting into his midsection with his longsword. Only a few seconds after his consumption of the liquid, however, he freezes and begins to convulse. Tristan falls to the ground with a look of agony and a network of blue veins across his face and neck.

As Roan and Tristan battle, Banthas swings at Taran with a flurry of mighty blows from his enormous greatsword. Taran fights back with a frenzy, cutting deep into his forearms in an attempt to sever them. Banthas roars in rage and his wounds seal up slightly. His greatsword cuts into Taran, and they exchange another bout of massive blows. Roan, after Tristan's defeat, rushes to join Taran. Their combined strength wears on the minotaur, but in one cataclysmic strike he cuts down Roan, who falls to the ground. As the fight wears on, Nogard backs away from the fray, seemingly in fear of the minotaur's presence.

Quinn, now engaging the leather-wearing human in close quarters, strikes at him with her shortsword, which buries itself in his chest. He falls to the ground, begging for his life as he bleeds out. 

Banthas, the only enemy still standing, roars again and slams Taran with his greatsword, dealing massive damage. Her eyes flutter closed for a split second before a red tint begins to cover her vision. With a furious vigor, she regains consciousness and chops at Banthas with her greataxe. Upon seeing this, he recoils and is struck with the full force of her attack. He freezes for a moment before falling to his knees and toppling over, barely conscious and still watching Taran with his yellow eyes.


While interrogating Banthas, Taran finds out that the mayor is the one who has sent the troupe to them. Before losing consciousness, Banthas tells Taran that he would not have sought her death had he any choice in the matter.

Quinn stabilizes Kiet and Roan before tying Tristan and the other man up and taking their possessions. On the unknown man, she finds a few vials of black poison. On Tristan, she finds a jar of a familiar blue-colored dust, as well as two vials of a blue liquid on his belt.

Adventure 4

30th of Summertide

A New Ally

As the dust settles from the battle between the group of assassins and the party, numerous heads pop up from the nearby tents that had been trampled in the assassins’ rampage. Bloodied and disoriented, most of the residents of the camp try to hide as best as they can, peering at the party through gaps in the rubble of their tents. One such resident, however, stands up and boldly introduces herself to the party. Carl, a human, converses with Taran, Quinn, and Kiet and learns of their situation with the assassins.

After introducing themselves, Taran and Quinn head to the large cabin where they found the camp official earlier that night. Taran smashes the locked door in two and walks inside, finding the official sleeping in a cot behind his desk. She shakes him awake, picking him up by the scruff of his neck and demanding that he do something about the situation in the camp, as well as provide medical supplies. He tells her that he’s only a stand-in for the real leader, and tries to shirk the responsibility. Taran drags him outside to show him the camp, but he flees back into his office before long. Kiet, seeing this, goes after him. The official leaves his office and sprints towards the outside of the camp. Kiet tackles him to the ground, but he escapes after a short conversation, dashing out of the outer ring of torches on the edge of the camp. Taran ventures into the swamp to cut down several trees for a makeshift bed, which she builds on top of Banthas’s unconscious body. The party sleeps for the remainder of the night.

Questioning the Assassins

31st of Summertide

In the morning, the party reconvenes at Banthas and Carl and Taran tie him up with the tattered remains of a few trampled tents. Quinn gags and carries the leather-wearing assassin out of camp with Taran in tow. Upon interrogating him, Quinn and Taran find out that they were sent by the mayor to kill Quinn. Taran, in an attempt to squeeze more information out of him, hacks off a few of his toes. He tells them that the mayor sought the destruction of the Feywilds, and was promised as such by the party responsible for the bounty on Quinn. Desperately, the assassin attempts to crawl away and, begging for mercy, is shot dead by Quinn’s arrow. Returning to camp, the party questions the now-conscious Banthas, who doesn’t tell them much new information. Taran cuts off both of his thumbs and the party exits camp, leaving him for dead.

Scuffle on the Border

4th of Highsun

After another long trek north through the swamps of Apotheon, the party is crossing a shallow river fen when they see the tops of a few tall flagpoles in the distance. As they see this, a massive figure far down the river begins to barrel towards the party. To its side, they see a cloaked human following suit. Attempting to hide among the sparse swamp flora, the party somewhat unsuccessfully conceals themselves in bushes and trees. As the figures draw closer, the massive crocodile snaps its jaws before slowing to a stop as the human taps its side with his hand. Now in view, the party sees the gruff and time-worn face of a middle-aged man under the cloak. He tells them to come out or suffer the consequences. The party reluctantly come out of their various hiding spots and approach the man. He tells them that they need to pay the toll, as the river is his jurisdiction.

The party immediately attacks the crocodile, blasting it with a barrage of arrows and spells as Kiet moves in to engage the man. The man is surprised, but keeps his composure as Kiet unleashes a flurry of blows upon him. He dodges most of them, but as the hits begin to land he starts to regard the party more seriously. Carl, meanwhile, constricts the crocodile with a crackling magical force. After pummeling the crocodile for awhile, it collapses, exhausted and dying. The man, seeing this, panics and sprints off in the direction of the distant flagpoles. The crocodile dies, bloodied and battered, and is skinned and butchered by Quinn. She then feeds a few pounds of its meat to Nogard, who accepts it happily.

Arrival at Theron

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