Apotheon is a small nation of loosely connected cities in the southern extremities of Ites.

Geography and Climate

A humid tropical region, Apotheon is primarily composed of swamp-like rainforests and bayous. There are a multitude of rivers running from the higher hills in the center of the country to deltas by the coast. Torrential rain is very common in Apotheon. The jungle is notoriously uncharted and wild, as few have sought to brave the dangers within it in the short span of Apotheon’s existence.


The inhabitants of Apotheon are almost exclusively human. Other races are fairly uncommon, but there are some gnomes and halflings that have established themselves as merchants or sellswords. Despite the homogeneity of the population, most of the fair races are welcomed warmly in Apotheon.


Apotheon is a relatively young nation that has only within living memory had explorers carve into its jungles to establish towns and cities. Those who first cut through the thickets of Apotheon were humans who had fled south to escape the growing power of Bushal.

To this day, the Bushal Empire in the north constantly seeks to subvert its authority and claim the land’s resources. Their methods are generally nonviolent: coercion, bribing, and scheming political maneuvers characterize their advances.

Economy, Politics, and Military

Apotheon soil doesn’t lend itself well to farming. The harsh swamp environment and the beasts that lurk within it have forced the economy to rely on trade for the vast majority of its subsistence.

The central government in Apotheon is fairly lackluster: there is no federal taxation and the sparse cities within its borders all hold relatively equal, and little, military power. Despite the dangers that the jungle poses, Apotheon doesn’t possess a state-wide reserve of troops. There are no kings or lords in Apotheon, as the ruling class is made up of wealthy merchants and brokers.


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