Ashus, the Barren Kingdom


Ashus is a desert wasteland country in the south of Ebria.

Geography and Climate

Exceedingly arid and hot, the Ashus desert is one of the most inhospitable climates in the known world. Sandstorms slice at the eyes in the daytime, and freezing temperatures pervade the night. It’s commonly known as the Barren Kingdom because of this dangerous climate and topography.


Not much is known about the people of Ashus, as natural barriers prevent most people from ever considering a journey into its reaches.


The Kingdom of Ashus has existed for thousands of years, mysterious and monolithic. Little tangible knowledge of Ashus exists in the outside world, and most often only in the form of stories and myths.

Economy, Politics, Military

Very few travel in or out of Ashus. As such, trade is minimal and only occurs on the very coasts of Ashus, where the weather is least severe. It is said that Ashus is ruled by a king designated by their religion and presumed to govern under the divine blessing of their God. Ashus is extremely isolated and has never participated in a foreign conflict. Because of this, the outside world knows nothing of its military strength.

Ashus, the Barren Kingdom

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