Bushal Empire


The Bushal Empire is an enormous area that spans nearly the entire width of the continent of Ites. It is the largest nation in the known world.

Geography and Climate

Forested and extremely hilly, Bushal’s geography is a mottle of green, brown, and grey. Grasslands, ravines, dense woods, and mountains characterize the land in the middle of Ites. Temperatures are often moderate, with somewhat extreme summers and winters.


Bushal’s races are a menagerie of the world’s exotic species. Orcs, goblins, dragonborn, and a wealth of other monstrous folk characterize the population of the Bushal Empire. The humans in Bushal are notably more fierce and covetous than those elsewhere in the world.


Bushal’s conception was one of blood and steel. Tribes warred across the land, pillaging and murdering all who opposed them. The most powerful of these tribes, the Thells, was an aggregation of mighty warriors and crafty magicians from across the sea. It wasn’t long after their emergence that they subjugated the other tribes, putting an end to years of bloodshed. They then designated a ruler by picking the most powerful soldier in the land in a series of gory selection tournaments. The first emperor of the newly formed Bushal Empire made the tournaments a spectacle to be held every ten years, wherein the victor gained the right to challenge the emperor himself to single combat; to the death. The party that triumphed would succeed the slain emperor to the throne. The tradition still holds true today as the only law that the current emperor cannot override.

Economy, Politics, and Military

An enormous empire with great wealth, Bushal carries out extensive trading with other countries, though it chooses these partners based on their loyalty and lack of threat towards the throne. Should a nation express their disapproval of Bushalian methods, they will be swiftly excommunicated from one of world’s most vast commerce networks. It’s in this way that Bushal holds great sway within the international community, as the livelihood of many smaller countries depends on their support.

The power of the throne of Bushal is absolute. Those who question it are spirited away in the night, never to be heard from again. Because of this, Bushalian legislature is characterized by its harsh and contradictory nature. Each emperor enacts laws that they, often impulsively, deem worthy.

Ever since its inception, the Bushal Empire has had a furiously powerful army within its borders. Composed of all manner of horrible beings, the Bushalian army is feared by every country in the world with any sense of self-preservation.

Bushal Empire

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