Edrana is an icy region in the far north of Ites.

Geography and Climate

Edrana lies in the arctic north of Ites, covered by year-round snows that only let up during the height of summer. It’s extremely mountainous and the only areas with abundant flora are the lowland hills.


The races of Edrana tend toward stout, robust bodies: dwarves, humans, goliaths, and even a few sparse dragonborn have established their own footholds within the snowy expanse.


Despite being one of the oldest nations in Aelos, Edrana has remained a collection of small, completely independent city-states for several thousand years. This is partly because of the generally frigid climate that isolates the various settlements. More crucially, however, is the universal cultural reverence for the power of nature and the gods, as well as racial preferences toward different environments. Edrana is as much a collection of its own nations as it is a proper region.

Economy, Politics, and Military

Edrana is a self-sufficient region that only trades with outside nations for select textiles and tools. The dwarvish cities deep in mountain caverns provide minimal amounts of ore to the other cities, while hunters on the hills and mountaintops of Edrana provide for their populations’ need for food.

Each city-state has its own local government, most often small-scale monarchies of families with great cultural significance. Militiamen make up the armies of Edrana’s separate cities, varying in potency based on the equipment and training available to said city. Particularly notable are the dwarven berserkers of the caves and the axe-wielding goliaths that roam Edrana’s peaks.


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