Grove of Talros


The Grove of Talros is an ancient forested land to the far west of the known world. Of all the major regions in Aelos, the Grove is by far the most enigmatic and mystical.

Geography and Climate

The Grove’s misty forest is densely packed with great, ancient trees. Mankind can only speculate as to the geography of the Grove, as they have no accurate firsthand experience.


Legend has it that the first elves still populate the Grove of Talros, unchanging after thousands upon thousands of years. However, as no external force has a foothold within the Grove, this can’t be confirmed and many dismiss it as fiction.


Not a single member of the fair races has ever set foot inside the Grove and come out unchanged. Those who have braved the clouded thickets have, most often, disappeared completely, never to be seen again. Some of the myth concerning the Grove stem from those who venture into it and, in fact, return. Their minds are invariably changed in ways, memory loss being the most common ailment. Some have even been discovered near the Grove completely catatonic or with completely different personalities and identities than those with which they set off.

Because of these dangers and the natural barrier of the peaks of Lyth’s Spine, the Grove has become the subject of many stories and fairy tales throughout the ages. Some claim to have seen the dazzling glitter of fairies in the Grove’s vast treetops. Others swear that the forest has been cursed by the primordial elves of old to damn the lands of mankind. Still others seek to enter the Grove, disregarding the misfortunes of others in the hopes of discovering the secrets that lie within.

Grove of Talros

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