Kaius, the Ocean's Eye

Kaius is a small merchant city in southwestern Apotheon.

Geography and Climate

Kaius, despite being a coastal town, is incredibly hot and humid. Monsoons are common, and buildings are made with water-resistant stone materials to prevent damage from the constant inclement weather. The outlying farmlands around Kaius are swamp-like and can only sustain very resilient crops. Southwestern Apotheon is a tropical area with Kaius at the heart of this climate.


Predominantly human, Kaius hosts members of many races due to it’s eclectic merchant class. Those of other races are most frequently merchants, mercenaries, or travelers. Very few are permanent residents.


Kaius is one of the more recently established cities in Apotheon, founded only several decades ago. Frontiersmen sought out the location for the local Aclaecium deposits, a unique ore that lends itself well to manufacturing very technical metallic products. It has since become a flourishing port town that provides key access into the Meridian Ocean.

Economy, Politics, and Military

Kaius is largely supported by its vast and complex mercantile system. Local goods (raw metal, tropical fruits, some textile materials) are traded to neighboring cities and other countries across the Meridian Ocean. Its primary export is unprocessed Aclaecium.

Ruled by an oligarchical council of the cities wealthiest merchant families, Kaius does not experience a high level of political activity or awareness. It also possesses little military strength, as it doesn’t have its own army. The city guard is its only form of protection.

Major Figures

Verel Dawnbringer


Mayor Melwick

Kaius, the Ocean's Eye

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