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Geography and Climate

Aelos makes up the eastern hemisphere of the material plane’s world. It includes the continents of Ites, Ebria, and Uzeth, as well as the Spearshard archipelago and minor outlying islands.

The world’s continents are vast and span multiple starkly different biomes.

Ites is host to a predominantly humid tropical climate in the south, a continental central climate, and a vast arctic north.

Ebria, a vastly longitudinal continent, smoothly transitions from the oceanic climate of the deep south to mild desert central areas with the continent’s far north being of a similar humid continental type to Ites’ central areas.

Uzeth, closest to the south pole, has a year-long winter and incredibly harsh arctic and tundra climates throughout.


Aelos is populated by beings of every shape and character. The major nations of the world are most often ruled by humanoid creatures, but these races make up a broad spectrum of appearances, cultural traditions, and motives.

The most common of all races are the humans, who proliferate throughout Aelos in most communities. So widespread is the influence of humans that the only instances in which no humans populate a settlement is that of human pariahdom or extreme isolationism in said settlement.

There are wild creatures abound in Aelos. Civilization is, for the most part, relatively sparse and kingdoms don’t often have adjacent borders. Vast stretches of wilderness are home to a myriad of outlandish beings that are rarely, if ever, witnessed by the common man. Encounters with the things that lie in the recesses of Aelos have become the stuff of fairy tales.


Legends tell of a time long before the first men walked the earth. Pure and unspoiled, the land was rich with magic. Forged by the gods themselves, the ancient beings that inhabited the land held wondrous powers of creation.

The elves, first of the fair races, were born of these beings, thus inheriting their creators’ will. The desires to protect and to nourish were deeply instilled into their very hearts. It wasn’t long, however, until some elves began to question their surroundings. Hungry for knowledge and magical power, these elves, the Salveri, began to resent their creators and sought a means of taking their power for themselves. Despite this, all was peaceful as the ancient beings propagated their creations across the earth. Many of the other fair races such as the dwarves and gnomes originated during this period.

When the first humans were born, however, the Salveri saw in their eyes the same captivating wonder and lust for knowledge that they themselves possessed. Slowly and quietly, they turned the humans away from the influence of the ancient beings.

The Salveri, now sure of the humans’ allegiance, struck at their creators with their accumulated magical power. In a brutal war that stretched across the planes of existence, the Salveri severed the connection between the gods and the ancient beings, cutting off their source of divine strength. The beings, still intent on preserving the lives of those that they had so lovingly created, were crippled. One by one, they fell to the sheer numbers that the humans and Salveri now possessed.

Even without the godly connection, the ancient beings still held remnants of sacred power within their bodies. In their last moments, many of them condensed their very essence into manifest physical relics that held aspects of the gods that created them. A huge amount of these were immediately destroyed by the Salveri, who feared that they would allow the beings to one day return to power. Others, however, were lost or hidden away in the eons that followed the war.

As the ages wore on, the Salveri slowly grew more and more attached to their magical knowledge. A time came when the Salveri collectively realized that they could go no further with their magic without tapping into the vast reserves of energy in the realms of the gods. The humans, driven by their instinctual desire to survive, thought that reestablishing the connection could lead to divine judgment against them and the Salveri. Out of greed and fear, the two races all but annihilated each other in a series of battles that wiped out many of the creations of the ancient beings. Humans, lacking the Salveri’s raw magical power, compensated for their weakness with numbers and a furious will to live. They defeated the Salveri, sealing their magics and utterly destroying their bloodlines.

And so it was, bolstered by lingering traces of Salveri magic, that the age of men began.

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