Raemid Peninsula


The peninsula of Raemid lies in Ebria’s far south. On the very edge of human civilization, Raemid is the westernmost nation known to the common folk.

Geography and Climate

Those who have gazed upon Raemid cite dense, magnificent forests and plentiful fauna. The weather is assumed to be mild, desirable, and very hospitable. Travelers have spread stories of Raemid as a paradise at the edge of the world.


The gnomes of Raemid are a notoriously secretive people. The few who have interacted with them personally know only of their reticent nature and unwillingness to deal with outside folk.


To the common man, Raemid is a remote, mysterious region on the edge of civilization to which very few have ever ventured. While there are many rumors and stories of Raemid, all that is known is of the gnomes’ connection to nature and alchemical prowess.

Economy, Politics, and Military

Raemid’s people don’t deal with other countries as a normal kingdom would. Brews from Raemid are a rare commodity that are only, if ever, found in extremely exclusive magical workshops. The governmental and military institutions of the gnomes are largely unknown, as they have never had political dealings with the outside world.

Raemid Peninsula

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