Ravenmere is a coalition of formerly independent kingdoms in the center of Ebria.

Geography and Climate

Due to its proximity with the Ashus desert, Ravenmere’s lands are harsh and largely unfavorable. The forests of northern Ebria don’t reach as far as Ravenmere, and the land is mostly barren and rocky. The arid winds of Ashus grow colder in Ravenmere, losing their heat but none of their cutting desert dryness.


Ravenmere’s people, while mostly human, are from a collection of disparate kingdoms with their own cultural norms. They share some common ancestry with the people of Vertlyn, a neighboring kingdom. Hardy and resilient, the people of Ravenmere have adapted to the hostile environment and make the best of the resources at their disposal.


Many years ago, Ravenmere was nothing more than one among an assortment of separate states that, having migrated from the north, struggled to survive in the near-desert wastelands. In order to unify these kingdoms, Ravenmere grew its military into the fiercest of all the states. On the field was the valiant army, set to lay down their lives for country and kin. In the shadows were the Scouts, a highly efficient organization specializing in reconnaissance, subterfuge, and assassination. Some states joined peacefully, others were conquered, and still others were left alone to fend for themselves in the wastes. One by one, the majority of the independent states were absorbed into the burgeoning kingdom of Ravenmere.

Recently, with the rise in power of the council of Ravenmere, the country’s attitude has become increasingly imperialist. When REDACTED was discovered in Vertlyn, Ravenmere attempted to absorb them into the kingdom, to little avail. In response to their denial, Ravenmere declared war against Vertlyn.

Economy, Politics, and Military

As the land doesn’t lend itself well to many manners of resource production, Ravenmere relies on imports for a huge percentage of its subsistence. The rest of its livelihood is garnered from the meager orchards of fruit and wood that they are able to grow.

Ravenmere’s council its governing body and the determinate of the kingdom’s affairs. Presided by important political and military officials, the council holds greater influence within the nation than even a king could. Within the last few years, rumors of corruption and bribery have spread among the people, though their faith in the just principles of their country have made them all but blind to it.

The military of Ravenmere is known far and wide for its martial power. The army’s troops are exceedingly well-trained, tactically masterful, and deadly in combat. The scouts in the shadows support the army, carrying out missions of great importance to the kingdom’s well-being.


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