Republic of Ordrath


The Republic of Ordrath is one of the largest nations in the world, second only to Bushal in terms of area. It covers the entire north of Ebria.

Geography and Climate

Ordrath spans numerous distinct environments. The mountains to the south propagate grassy hills up the western peninsula before grading into rocky beaches on the coast. In the east, lush forests extend from the center of Ordrath near Arcadia eastward, gradually thinning out into the grasslands around Solaris.


Nearly a millennium ago, before the founding of Ordrath, the lands north of Lyth’s Spine were divided amongst many provinces with starkly different cultures and racial compositions. These provinces existed, for the most part, peacefully and in equilibrium with each other.

However, as population exploded and trade flourished, a disease took root in the land’s coastal cities. The Red Tide, as it was known, quickly ravished the disparate settlements of the peninsulas. The provinces, in an effort to stymie the contagion, banded together and used their collective medical knowledge to concoct a vaccine that all but eradicated the disease. The chaos that the Red Tide brought led the newly formed government to adopt a republican system in the hopes of establishing a just, moral legislature.

The disease is still active to this day, having imprinted itself into the very genes of its hosts. Those who were not cured by the vaccine passed it down to their descendants. “Tiders”, as they are dubbed, are equivalent to a slave class in Ordrath. They possess no rights by law and if discovered, regardless of the presence or extent of their symptoms, are forced into manual servitude for the rest of their lives.


Ordrath is home to a slew of the fair races of Aelos. Humans and dwarves make up a large percentage of the population, serving as the bulk of Ordrath’s worker and artisan class. Halflings and gnomes are also relatively common, though they tend to keep more to themselves.

Economy, Politics and Military

Due to its past history as a multitude of academically diverse states, Ordrath is perhaps the most technologically advanced civilization of all. With a long history of innovation and design, Ordrathian craftsmanship forms the foundation upon which the economy is based. Skilled metalworkers and thaumaturgists create wonders that are exported to the rest of the world by boat and caravan.

Ordrath is a republic in which a central council, the People’s Chamber, is elected by the populace and decides the outcome of motions that they themselves propose. The Chamber is most often composed of exceedingly wealthy aristocrats, and rumors of corruption are widespread among the public.

The armies of Ordrath are large and formidable, boasting both rigorously trained soldiers and quality equipment with which to battle. While the country itself is rarely, if ever, in the position to use the army, troops are often stationed in Scythia, an Ordrathian territory that exists as the only current attempt to breach the icy tundras of the Werewaste.

Republic of Ordrath

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