Scythia, the furthest southern outpost of mankind, is the only territory of the fair races in the arctic continent of Uzeth. It is presided over by local leaders and ruled by the law of Ordrath.

Geography and Climate

Uzeth is an arctic continent, and while Scythia is its far north, the tundra conditions make life in Scythia extremely harsh. There are some rivers that provide fresh water in Scythia, but these freeze over for the majority of the year. Scythia is almost completely flat and desolate, with only a few sparse hills to break up the landscape.


The people who choose to come to Scythia do so knowing full well that they may never return to whence they came. Humans from Ordrath and Vertlyn form the bulk of the coalition that is Scythia, having come to strike out into the frozen south and push the boundaries of mankind’s territory.


A relatively new endeavor, the nation of Scythia is slowly growing by the year. Supported primarily by Ordrath and Vertlyn, Scythia exists as an attempt to brave the darkness that smothers one of the world’s major continents. Those who come to Scythia do it voluntarily and must gain extensive approval from the Odrathian government beforehand. All Scythian citizens are free to leave as they please on one of the biennial supply fleets that arrive from Solaris. Few leave in this way, however, as sociocultural pressures from their previous lives often obligate the citizens to fulfill whatever goal they came to Scythia to accomplish.

Economy, Politics, and Military

There is very little of worth to be garnered locally in Scythia. Resources are scarce and most crucial supplies must be imported in massive fleets from its progenitors, Ordrath and Vertlyn.

Scythia is technically a territory of Ordrath, so it follows Ordrathian law and citizens of Scythia have a say in the elections. Local mayors and barons ensure that the laws are justly enforced.

The military of Scythia is one built not for combat with or protection from foreign kingdoms, but rather as an expeditionary force to strike out into Uzeth. In order to confront the horrific creatures that walk Uzeth, only the hardiest and most elite of warriors are permitted to serve in the Scythian forces.


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