The Spearshard Archipelago


The Spearshards are an extensive chain of islands jutting out from Uzeth’s north.

Geography and Climate

Due to its proximity to Uzeth, the Spearshard archipelago shares the same generally cold and inhospitable climate. The islands themselves are rocky, barren, and lined with jagged cliff faces.


The population on the Spearshards is made up of some of the hardier, more vicious and monstrous sentient beings in Aelos. Humans are hardly found at all, as the general consensus among the human kingdoms is that the Spearshards are a desolate, unforgiving place. The creatures that call the Spearshards home subsist in primitive, tribe-like organizations.


For as long as living memory reaches, the Spearshards have been an extremely dangerous area. The tribes on the islands have a history of warfare with each other over the meager resources at their disposal. Beyond that, however, the machinations of the tribes are a mystery to those away from the Spearshards’ shores.

Economy, Politics, and Military

The Spearshard peoples have very little influence beyond the islands. It’s assumed that they dont have the technology to navigate the world’s great seas and thus have had little contact with the outside world. Hearsay has it that those on the Spearshards aren’t even aware of the existence of magical energy.

The Spearshard Archipelago

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