Vertlyn lies near the middle of Ebria, between Ordrath and Ravenmere. It is a relatively small kingdom composed of a number of feudal fiefdoms.

Geography and Climate

The center of Ebria is markedly milder than the southern half. Misty forests and rolling hills make up much of Vertlyn’s terrain. The weather is cool and rainy, spurred on by the wet winds that blow in from the Meridian Ocean.


Like Ravenmere, Vertlyn is a predominantly human kingdom. Some of the most ancient human cultures originate from the center of Ebria. Other races are not uncommon, though important socioeconomic figures are almost always human.


It is said that Vertlyn’s people are descendants of the first men to walk the earth. The lands that they inhabited are ancient, and vestiges of their civilization, while uncommon, are not entirely unexpected to find. Remnants such as these are treasured by Vertlyn’s people, who keep such historical knowledge with great reverence.

In recent years, Vertlyn has made a name for itself with its discovery of Diclorite, an arcane mineral that enhances the abilities of those who consume its refined form. Because of this, the nearby kingdom of Ravenmere has turned its attention to Vertlyn. After unsuccessful negotiations, Ravenmere finally openly declared war on Vertlyn.

Economy, Politics, and Military

Well known for its mining operations along Lyth’s Spine, Vertlyn is a potent body in global trade. Their ore can be found far and wide, used for everything from the jagged armaments of Bushal’s troops to the foundations of great spires in Ordrath.

The king of Vertlyn is known for his morally neutral and fair policies, tending to keep the kingdom to its own affairs and unlikely to commit acts of aggression. The fiefdoms themselves have diverse leaders that do not share many of the same creeds as their king.

Vertlyn’s military is present, if faintly, in its strongholds and fields. Existing more for ancient cultural traditions than for self-defense, the troops haven’t seen large-scale conflict in quite some time.


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